Inside an Iron Ride: Haute Route Pyrenees and Alps 2017 – Part Two – Alps

Having ridden numerous Haute Routes before, I took the plunge and entered into the Iron race for 2017. The Iron challenge is that for those stupid enough to do two events, and I chose the Pyrenees and Alps. Why these two? I’d have loved to have ridden the Dolomites, but having ridden the Maratona (and a... Continue Reading →


Panforte Power: An introduction to Veloforte

I discovered Veloforte, the new kids on the nutrition block, very recently. Their bars have totally changed my outlook on sports nutrition, and what follows is a beginners guide to why you, too, need some of this awesomeness in your life. Who are Veloforte? Veloforte are a premium nutrition brand formed in 2016, serving the... Continue Reading →

A look at Stealth nutrition: The appliance of science

Stealth Nutrition, aka Secret Training, like to do sports nutrition differently. On the shelves at the Stealth shop there is an array of unusual products, including ‘real fruit’ gels, Omega shots, ‘Juice bars’, fibre powder, and vitamin D3 supplements. Obviously, it’s no normal man who’s the brains behind a company like this. Stealth founder Tim... Continue Reading →

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