Spain IS NOT an Island

No man is an island, Entire of itself, Every man is a piece of the continent, A part of the main. John Donne - 1624 Meditation 17: Devotions upon Emergent Occasions --- As sure as April heralds the arrival of spring showers and Easter eggs, it also brings the mass migration of the cyclists of Europe... Continue Reading →


Overcooking and Under-Eating: A Cautionary Tale.

I’d wake up thinking about it. I’d be thinking about it when I’d be trying to work. I’d be thinking about it when I tried to sleep at night and as soon as I woke up. No, not sex, and no, not my bike. What was bothering me was the now-intrinsically linked pair of the... Continue Reading →

To lift, or not to lift….

Cometh the winter, cometh the weights With the onset of winter, all the magazines, websites and chit chat at the cake stop turns to discussion of cross-training, base miles, and sometimes, but not always, lifting weights. Not weightlifting of the bicep-curl in the mirror type (coz we all do that all year around, right?), but... Continue Reading →

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